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What is Matterport?

Matterport is a flexible, versatile photography solution that works well in any real estate environment. Residential, commercial, leisure - it doesn’t “matter”. You can use Matterport as a reliable marketing and presentation tool that will help you attain and draw more attention to your listings or business. Our expert team uses Matterport to expeditiously generate an efficient and complete 3-Dimensional representation of your final product.

What It Offers.

The innovative breakthrough Matterport system allows our 3DV (3-Dimensional Visualization) technicians to streamline the production process, collaborate, and create an easily marketable fabrication. With the camera’s HDR photography, the leading-edge system enables our trained Matterport specialist to scan up to 10,000 square feet per project meeting a wide variety of requirements in the area of digital property management and presents to you an innovative solution to marketing your now virtual commodity. Dimensionally accurate within 1%, the system offers first-person explorative layouts, spatially accurate schematic floor plans, and a 3rd person dollhouse showcasing.

Matterport Works Well With All Types of Properties

Advantages to 3D Matterport Virtual Tours

A virtual tour takes advantage of modern technology, and is the next best thing to being there. With a high definition virtual tour, your clients will be able to place themselves inside of the home, with the freedom to move around and explore. This enables you to set up a sophisticated “pre-showing” that your prospective buyers can do at their convenience.

Going room by room in a 3D virtual environment provides a rich experience that goes beyond still photos. Each pathway is a new opportunity to dive in and get to know the property better, building an emotional connection. For example, if you are looking at a virtual living room, you have a greater sense of the dimensions, proportions, and subtle details of the space. Then, when you move forward into the kitchen, you have a sense of how the layouts work together.

Virtual tours can easily help you emphasize the primary selling points of your real estate properties. If there is a long hallway between bedrooms, the 3D tour will convey the sense of privacy and separation. If there are multiple levels, then a Matterport 3D tour will help to map out the floor plan for someone who has never been there. It is a very useful tool to have in your real estate marketing arsenal.

Virtual vs In-Person Showings
Even after your buyers come for an in-person showing, chances are they will return to the virtual tour again and again to confirm their decision. For example, they may review the guest bedroom to see where their furniture collection could fit. Or, they may show friends and family to get their buy-in.

A virtual 3D tour can also lead to more informed questions that bring your buyer closer to the decision making process. Once your clients have studied the property, they may ask highly specific questions to get the final objections out of the way. This can help to escalate the home sale timeline, making your buyers extremely happy as a result.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour
If you are ready to showcase your next property with a 3D Matterport Virtual Tour, then the next step is to book a shoot online. We bring all the camera gear and equipment necessary to capture the virtual tour quickly and efficiently. If you are planning to combine your 3D tour with other services, such as photography or videography, be sure to combine everything into one appointment. This way, we can cover a lot of ground for you at the same time.

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